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Technical Drawing Board – Croxley


Croxley A3 College Drawing Board. TD drawing Board.

• Additional markings for media size and drawing edges.
• Permanently lubricated guide track for smooth edges.
• “L” straightedge for full use of the upper edge of the straightedge even at the bottom of the drawing. No need to turn over the straightedge.
• T-square with stop-and-go mechanism and integrated protractor. Second possibility to fasten on the righthand side.
• Two magnetic clamping bars with central control button and additional corner clamping for securing the drawing paper all round.
• Integral compass plotting scale for picking off radii quickly.
• Sturdy board body of shockproof plastic. Non-skid feet on the underside.
• Can be inclined, as a standard feature, for optimum working position.

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Weight 1850 g
Dimensions 50 × 37 × 5 cm

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