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Diamond Dot Art Paint by Diamond Kits


HI STONE 5D Diamond Picture Kit.

Diamond Dots diamond painting set. Paint by diamond DIY art uses diamond faceted resin dots, which produce a stunning shimmery effect.

Assorted pictures and sizes. Sizes: Small (S) 30x40cm & 30x30cm, Medium (M) 50x40cm, Large (L) 50x65cm.

Includes:  decal adhesive canvas, 5D crystal beads, tool kit (pen, small tray, wax, spare bag).

Pour some beads in the tray provided, dip the pen into the wax, pick up the diamond with the pen, peel the fils and press the diamond onto the symbol (colour crystal allocated to the number on the canvas), once complete press down securely with a book, finished crystal picture.

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Picture Options

White Horse and Child (S), Galloping Horse (S), Wolves (S), London Scene (S), Elephant (M), Lion & Lioness (M), Puppies (M), Kitty Wearing Hat (M), Rose & Violin Stillife (M), Horses (M), Tree-Lined Autumn Lane (M), Lakeside Chapel in the Country (M), Seaside Island Scene (M), White Ponies (M), Lion (M), Abstract Cat (M), Motorbike (M), Eastern Statue (M), Abstract Elephant (M), Peacock (M), Herd of Horses (M), Tigers (M), Venice Canal (M), Piano Stillife (M), Swans on Lake (M), Sunflower Bouquet (M), Flower Bouquet (L), Meadow with Trees (L), Beach with Palm Tree (L), Sunflowers (L), Horses in Desert (L)

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